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6th Week in pregnancy:

This week is very critical as certain problems can affect the embryo development.

Changes in my Baby in 6th week of pregnancy.

At 6th week  your baby will be called as Embryo in medical science. It has now gained the size of approximately 3 to 4 mm. The buds which you can be seen in embryo starts converting into respective organs such as arms and legs.

during 6th week brain of your baby is developing, and its activity can be observed with some medical tests and tools such as Electroencephalogram which popularly known as EEG. During 6th week heart is developing at a very fast rate, and heart beats can be detected in the ultrasound. And during this week your baby has very small head.

Changes in mother’s body in 6th week of pregnancy.

There will not be observable changes in your body, except you will gain some weight. And also you may be have having more nausea because your hormone levels still increasing to very fast rate to provide better environment to the embryo for its development and nourishment.

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