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Can you get pregnant from anal sex? The answer to this question is that its not possible, but the chances exists that you can get pregnant from anal sex.
Let me first explain you, how you get pregnant? you get pregnant only when sperms enter (which are found in semen) into the vagina.during the period of survival of sperm in the vagina eggs are released by ovaries, and those eggs are fertilized by sperms. And then this fertilized egg goes to uterus through fallopian tube.If this happens it means you are pregnant.
And if fertilized egg get attached to the uterus wall successfully, then your foetus may survive, and you may give birth to a baby. And if fertilized egg fails in getting attached to uterus wall, miscarriage will occur,your foetus will not get developed and you will not give birth to a baby.

So sperms can enter into the vagina only when ejaculation occurs inside the vagina or near to vagina (some how sperms enters into the vagina).And if the ejaculation occurs inside the anal as happen in case of anal sex. you will not get pregnant. Because anal is not connected to vagina or fallopian tube or ovary or uterus in anyway.But there may be the chance that dripping may occur near vagina, or at the mouth of vagina, in this case you get pregnant. So getting pregnant from anal sex is very very very rare, but still the possibility exists.

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